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The Liquid Crystal 3D printer is based on a process called Daylight Polymer Printing (DPP). This technology very closely resembles SLA, keeping its qualities, improving the speed, and dividing the current market price by five! 


While stereolithography process uses a powerful laser to harden the resin, the DPP method uses a large LCD screen to filter the light and cure the photo-sensitive resin layer by layer until the final production of the object.



 25 microns (0,025 mm/couche)

XY Resolution :
              220 microns


   Printing area dimensions :
   200 x 100 x 200 mm


   35 seconds / layer + 8 seconds
              mechanical (depends on resin and      
              precision chosen)


    Compatible materials :
     Liquid Crystal Resin (Daylight) - Hard / Firm     Flexible / Castable / Epoxy low / Shrinkage








           Package includes.



               1 LIQUID CRYSTAL          1 bottle of 250mL Amber                  1 User Manual                 1 HDMI cable

                                                                                                                             (FR & EN available)

                    3 VAT films                        Set of accessories - sieve,                  1 Year Warranty                Hotline Support

                                                                               spatula, etc.                                                 








Liquid Crystal Printing Sample Application



The Liquid Crystal is currently used in three sectors of activities:  jewelry-making, prototyping,
dentistry. Check this dental arch printed in 100 microns!  Given that the Liquid Crystal is printing
the entire layer each time with the help of its screen, printing ten dental archs will not take

more than printing one! 












Clean up your 3D printed pieces with water !







Good news !



With the resin specifically designed for Liquid Crystal 3D printer (Daylight Resin) you can clean your printed pieces simply by rinsing it with water !











Formlabs versus Liquid Crystal ?



CreationWorkshop Software




The print preview of the Creation Workshop software allows you to position your objects in the desired printing direction and likewise set the printing parameters.  It then enables you to project the object layer by layer onto the screen to harden the resin, layer per layer.



Compatible PC
Incompatible Mac








Technical Spécifications

Physical Dimensions
Dimensions: 332 x 251 x 424 mm
Weight net: 10.0 Kg
Weight of Shipping: 14.0 Kg (with accessory kit and sample resin)

Technology of 3dprint: DPP (
Daylight Polymer Printing)
Volume of prints: 200 x 100 x 200 mm
Highest Resolution : 25 microns
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels



Software : Création Workshop
Type of 3D files : .stl  .obj


Input AC: 110/240V
Power consumption: 150W
Connectivity: USB Cable
Screen Connectivity: HDMI Cable




Customer reviews
Number's review: 7
Product rating: 4.4286/5 note
Trusted certificate
Customer reviews 27/07/2016
Works as expected, great printer for the price range.
Customer reviews 19/07/2016
il faut faire quelques essais, mais quelle gain de qualité par rapport à l'impression filaire !
Customer reviews 20/06/2016
bien, je suis content
Customer reviews 25/05/2016
Très prometteuse après prise en main.
Customer reviews 17/05/2016
imprimante de qualité rien a dire, bien emballé
Customer reviews 26/04/2016
Apres periode de compréhension de la machine. Un bon potentiel et une bonne qualite d impression.
Customer reviews 01/02/2016
Qualité d'impression conforme aux attentes. Quelques points sont à améliorer sur la qualité de fabrication de l'imprimante en elle même (Capot, plateau et VAT).
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