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Liquid Crystal Hi-Res 3d printer

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The Liquid Crystal Hi Res is the DPP 3D printer of Photocentric that has the highest accuracy. With a retina display, it is perfect for making very fine pieces such as jewelry and model figurines. Your objects printed out of photosensible resins can then be easily cleaned with warm water!



  25 microns (0,025 mm/layer)

​  Resolution XY:
               97 microns


   Printing plate dimensions
   160 x 120 x 200 mm


  35 seconds / layer + 8 seconds for mechanical

depending on the resin


     Compatible Materials
       Liquid Crystal Resine (Daylight) - HARD / FIRM / FLEXIBLE / CASTABLE / EPOXY LS







3D Printing with Liquid Crystal



The Liquid Crystal is currently used in various sectors of activities:  

jewelry-making, prototyping, dentistry, figurines


Check this dental arch printed in 100 microns!  

Given that the Liquid Crystal is printing the entire layer each time with the help of its screen,

printing ten dental archs will not take more than printing one! 












Your Printed Pieces are Water-Washable!







Grand breakthrough!



With the resin specifically designed for Liquid Crystal 3D printer (Daylight Resin) you can clean your printed pieces simply by rinsing it with water !










Formlabs versus Liquid Crystal ?









CreationWorkshop Software




  The print preview of the Creation Workshop software allows you to position your objects in the desired printing direction and likewise set the printing parameters. 

It then enables you to project the object layer by layer onto the screen to harden the resin, layer per layer. 


PC Compatible
Mac Incompatible


Technical Specifications

3D Printing Technology: DPP (Daylight Polymer Printing)
Print Volume: 160 x 120 x 200 mm
Highest Resolution: 25 microns on Z, 97microns on XY 

Printing Speed : 35 seconds + 8 seconds (mechanical)
Retina Display



Software : Creation Workshop
Type of files : .stl  .obj