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Pharaoh xd plus dual: pharaoh xd + dual 3d printer mass portal - machines-3d
3700.00€ +Tx
Product available
Grand pharaoh xd plus triple: grand pharaoh xd + triple 3d printer mass portal - machines-3d
9000.00€ +Tx
Product available

3d Printer Mass Portal


Are you looking for some kind of revolutionary 3d printer, pushing you to the professional level? Machines 3d; the 3d printers & 3d scannersonline shop offers you now the Pharaoh 3d printers branded Mass portal! Our website is one of the few in Europe which got the high privilege of selling the 2 different models of mass portal3d printers! These 3 d printers have just nothing to see with the other 3d printer brands: they are made to create terrific 3d printings faster and with a huge accuracy. Mass portal delivers high performance printing to schools, companies, professionals which wants to reach a higher level of creation thanks to the 3d printing. Those 2 3d printers are here for those who looks for high quality printing!

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