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3D Printer Up Mini second hand

3D Printer Up Mini second hand
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Up mini second hand as new. The Machine has been used during demonstrations in showroom. 3 months utilisation maximum. Plate and nozzle replaced and new. The 3d printer has been tested and repacked as new.


PP3D Up! Tiertime Up Mini 3d Printer :

Just make it the easiest way !









                        1 year Warranty

                        Assistance by e-mail or over our Hotline on (Appel local)

                       User Manual

                        An official white ABS Spool of 700g

                            A european power cable

                      A set of tool including:




                               protecting           pliers          cutter            shovel          twizzer










       An amazing tool for engineers,

        schools, hobbyists...



     A trustable printer, easy to use



       A build volume of

        120mm x 120mm x 120mm High




       A minimal layer thickness

        of 0.20mm







                         Needed to print your parts in  

                         ABS, this heating platform avoid

                         retractation of ABS and teamed

                         with  the  perforated platform 

                         insure a perfect adhesion of

                         your models during printing.






       Your parts are complex and are having a

       lot of hanging parts ? The Up software

       provided for your machine will do all the

       hard job automatically generating the ne-

       eded supports. However complex your file

       is, used with official PLA or ABS PP3DP

       plastic, the software will generate a precut

                                                                raft that will be really easy to remove once

                                                                job is done !





Up is the software print preview of

they 3d printer UpMini and Up plus 2.

It is very easy to use and well designed!




Customer reviews
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Product rating: 5/5 note
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Customer reviews 28/04/2015
Cette machine est très pro, le fait qu'elle dispose d'une enceinte fermée est un gros plus. Cela limite le bruit, ce qui me permet de continuer à travailler à côté. Le logiciel fourni, que j'utilise sur Mac, est comme la machine très pro également, et indispensable de mon point de vue. J'utilise 123d Design pour concevoir les modèles et je les exporte en stl, ce qui passe direct à l'impression.
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