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Zortrax M200 - 3D printer zortrax online - Machines-3d
1790.00€ +Tx
Product available
Free Z-Panels
90 microns
Best value for Money!

1 Year Warranty + fast and free del
Zortrax m300 - buy 3d printer zortrax m300– machines-3d
3990.00€ +Tx
Product available
Reliability and precision
Unmatched volume at this price 30x30x30cm
Print something big !
Zortrax M200 3D Printer pack
1950.00€ +Tx
Experts made it for you
Zortrax, 3DLac, V2 platform
Z-Panel + all types of Zortrax filament
Zortrax M200 Expert Pack
2190.00€ +Tx
Zortrax M200, 3DLac, V2 platform
Z-Panel + all types of Zortrax filaments
+ Z-Cover with Air Filtration
Inventure Zortrax 3D printer
3429.00€ +Tx
This product will be available by the 01/12/2016.
Pre order only

The Brand new Zortrax 3d printer on machines-3d!

Create your own items, deco accessories and print everything you want at home by using the Zortrax 3d printers. By selling the Zortrax brand, machines-3d is offering you some of the very best of 3d printers. Fast, accurate, easy to use, the Zortrax Printers are currently one of the top personal 3d printers. Check out the Zortrax M200 3d printer and buy it online in no time to start printing on at home or at school.

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