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3D Pen 2016

This new 3D Pens are teven lighter, more solid and less noisy !

Enjoy drawing in 3D assembling your creation done on paper or even straight in the air !

3D Pen 2016

Write and 3d with our 3d printing pens!


Draw and write in 3d thanks to our 3d printing pens! Our 3d printing pens collection will allow you to unleash your creativity! We offer 2 high quality 3d printing pen at cheap price for personal use at home, at the office or at school. Those 3d pens work with all our PLA and ABS 3d filaments for a complete freedom in your colours’ choice.

Buyone of our 3d printer pen in order to create, recreate or simply add the finishing touches to your items printed with one of our 3d printers.

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