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3D Scanner Sense 2 Cubify - Handheld 3D scanning - Machines-3D
449.00€ +Tx
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Capture you world in 3D and discover the power of 3 dimensionnal photography with the Sense 3D scanner.
Enjoy each dimension of your favorite souvenirs : Wedding day, birth...

Cubify 3d scanner: an easy to use portable scanner!


With high quality 3d scanners Cubyfy, scan and recreate your own items and deco accessories! Machines-3d sells you the best of the portable 3d scanners, the cubify Sense, at very cheap price in order to let you enter the digital revolution! The Cubify Sense 3d Scanner is now a must for anyone who wants to enjoy 3d printing at home! Easy to use, practical and light, the  Cubify sense portable 3d scanner is the most famous portable 3d laser scanner by now. So don’t hesitate, check it now and order it on our online shop in a flash! Quality, cheap prices and a lot more for you: check it and pick it out!

And if you want to completely enter the Maker World, get our 3d printer + 3d scanner Cubify packs!

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