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Makerbot digitizer 3d scanner for quick scans.


MakerBot Digitizer TM from Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab.

Able to scan whatever object fitting into a cylinder of more than 20cm diameter on more than 20cm height, Makerbot's Digitizer will change forever 3D printings and 3D world. Ideal companion for your Makerbot 2 or 2.X, you will then benefit at home or in your office of the very first 3D photocopy machine !




Purchase online your 3d scanner Makerbot Digitizer.

This Makerbot Digitizer 3d scanner is available on our online store machines-3d now, the markers most favorite shop. Odrer it now at cheap price and start scanning with one of the best 3d scanners.


Customer reviews
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Customer reviews 05/10/2015
Pas eu le temps de tester comme il faut.
Customer reviews 22/03/2014
Machine très bien conçue. Résultats médiocre en terme de definition et de finesse des détails. Utilisation très pratique.