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The first affordable 3D scanner !
20cm Diam. x 20cm Height
Digitize the world
quick and easy

3d scanner Makerbot : the best of 3d scanning !


If you want to buy the best of the 3d Scanners, machines-3d is the shop to be! In our online store, we offer you one of the best 3d scanner with our Makerbot 3d scanner: the Digitizer 3d Scanner. You will be able to perfectly scan a wide range of items with de Makerbot digitizer 3d scanner in order to create or recreate terrific copies of your items at home. Check all it specs and don’t hesitate any more to purchase this Makerbot 3d scanner for personal use. And if you want to completely enter the Maker World, get our 3d printer + 3d scanner Makerbot pack!

Cheap prices, quality and a lot more for you: check it and pick it out!

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