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Full head Makerbot Replicator 2x

Full head Makerbot Replicator 2x
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 Complete replacement head for your 3D Replicator 2.X 3D printer.


This includes the NEMA Stepper motors, makerbot fans, makerbot extruder, replicator dual heating chambers, connections to the makerbot motherboards, aluminium bar, etc just like what you can see on the pictures. You have to unscrew the original extruder head of your makerbot replicator 2.X and carefully swap all the cabling up to your motherboard and reattach firmly everything just like the original was on your machine with small zip ties (included for you by Machines-3D).


If you don't feel confident about doing it yourself, Machines-3D can do it for you upon request on our e-mail info@machines-3d.com - contact us for pricing and safety precaution before shipping your 3D Printer

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