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Myriwell 3D Pen pink

Myriwell 3D Pen pink
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       Inspired by the ingenious system of 3D printing
       3D, the new generation 3D pen allows you
       to draw in three dimensions as you let your
       imagination run wild!




      How does it work?

       As you draw with the pen, melted plastic

       comes out of the nozzle.  The plastic
       instantaneously solidifies by an integrated

       cooling system. Thus, this pen can be used

       on any surface by almost anyone capable of

       using a pen.

       It is also an ideal tool to rework imperfections

       on 3D-printed objects.














3D Pen Dimensions : 18,4cm x 3,1cm - diameter 4,6cm
Weight  : 65g
Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm
Filament for the extruder: ABS / PLA 1.75mm
Extrusion temperature: 160 °C to 230 °C
Connectivity: European 220 volt socket
CE Certification
 Advised minimum age of user: 12 years old