»»3D Printed Objects Liquid Crystal

3D Printed Objects Liquid Crystal

This printer is a revolutionary one ! Thanks to its unique use of resin that solidify with light projected from a screen, Liquid Crystal offers incredible speeds as time spent only depends on the height of your objects, this printer cost around 3 times better than SLA 3d printers with the same caracteristics (Formlabs...) 


Whatsmore, the choice of resin is large, from Hard, Firm, Epoxy or Flexible, or even Castable, you can select the best configuration and precision for your prints depending on the use you have for it. Awesome detail is that you just need hot water to cure the resin ! No more use for isopropylique alcool as you would have needed with SLA 3D printer.


Here are the tests Machines-3D was able to perform for you to judge on its abilities :





Dental Prosthetics









Mecanical Parts










Jewelry and accessories

















Interior Design






Figurines & Miniatures








Liquid Crystal 3D Printer is available in exclusivity in Machines-3D and its reseller's network


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