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Upbox+ 3d printer Pack

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Our pack includes :


UpBox 3D Printer from TIERTIME

+ 1 Spatula for removing your object easily
















Tiertime is finally thinking GRAND with its Up Box-bigger, faster,higher resolution, self calibrating, fully enclosed, and equipped with an air filtration system. Faithful to the values of reliability and simplicity that the UP printers are famous for, Upbox makes 3D
printing more accessible to a greater public!




The 3d printer of 2015!















100 microns













Bigger           More Precise           More Professional








              Air Filtration System



                                      The main innovation of this printer is the presence of a HEPA filter that absorbs volatile particles, fumes
                              and odors. You can print safely even in confined spaces!








              Complete protection.



                                      The fully enclosed build chamber protects your Up Box prints from instability caused by uncontrollable 
                              external conditions. Minimum warping is guaranteed even in printing large objects. This complete
                              protection of the printer casing gives it a more secure aspect, making it suitable for schools, for individuals,

                              and for professionales alike!









              Up software.



                                      The Up software is knosw to be the simplest and most intuitive software on the
                              market. You can set up the software and launch your prints in a matter of a few










Print size of 255x205x205mm
100microns (0,1mm/layer) precision
automatic calibration of the heating plate
fully enclosed build chamber
Air filter for ABS
redesigned software to help unleash your creativity!









Up Box : one of the most accurate 3d printer !

Buy a Up Box, the best 3d printer from Tiertime on Machines-3d, the best 3d printer online shop. Faster, bigger and smater for more accurante 3d printings. This 3d printer perftectly fits with schools, companys and industries. Get yours now !