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Imprimante 3D Zortrax M300 : Available Now with limited stock !





Following the huge success of the Zortrax M200, Zortrax widened its vision and offers its XL

version, the Zortrax M300. The M300 has, in addition to its characteristics inherited from the

M200, new functions that would optimize prototyping capabilities. It has a wider spool that let

you analyze the remaining amount of plastic with a grading system. The machine is now

equipped with side panels to maintain a more constant temperature and avoid air currents

that may affect large prints.



  90 microns (0,09 mm/couche)


   Dimensions of the printing plate
   300 x 300 x 300mm


  Up to 150mm/seconde


  Compatible Materials
  ABS Zortrax / ABS Machines-3D / ABS UP / PLA Machines-3D / Wood Machines-3D







An even larger printing plate!


Zortrax displays its desire to meet the needs of consumers eager to have the traits of the Zortrax M200

while meeting the needs of large scale design printing.











Zortrax Spool Improvments


Just like the Zortrax M300, the spool now has an increased plastic quantity of 2000 g—1200g more than the previous 800g.

It also indicates the amount used, or remaining, with a graduation system directly visible on the spool.





A 2Kg HIPS White Spool is included with your 3D Printer as well as a complete tool kit (StartUp Kit)







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