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3D Printer : Dual or single extruder : Which choice to make ? 


When it comes to choosing a 3D printer, the crucial question of the extruder arises: should you opt for just one, or two? The extrusion head, or extruder, plays a vital role in the printing process, determining your machine's ability to materialize your creations. Let's take a look at the differences between these two options to help you make an informed decision.





Single Extruder: Simplicity and Versatility



With a single extrusion head, your printer is limited to using just one 3D filament at a time, translating a single color or material. There are many advantages to using a single-extruder 3d printer.


  • Simplicity: single-extruder printers are often easier to set up and use than multi-extruder printers. Fewer parts and mechanisms reduce the risk of malfunctions and complicated operations.
  • Cost-efficiency: single-extruder printers are generally less expensive than multi-extruder printers. This makes them an excellent option for beginners and those on a tight budget.
  • Easy maintenance: the has fewer parts, making it easier to maintain. It helps your printer run smoothly with less cleaning, adjustment and troubleshooting.
  • Less complex filament handling: The single-extruder printer handles only one filament at a time, simplifying loading, unloading and filament management. This streamlines the printing process and reduces the risk of filament problems.






Exemple d'imprimante 3D à simple extrusion


Bambu Lab X1E, a robust, high performance 3D printer for professionnals and engineering applications



Bambu Lab's X1E promises to revolutionize desktop FDM 3D printing with a host of features. It is capable of printing multiple colors and/or materials simultaneously with its automatic material management system (AMS), guaranteeing high material compatibility. The ability to print with technical-grade materials, such as carbon-fiber nylon, becomes child's play with innovative features such as the higher nozzle temperature of 320°C and the heated, controlled chamber (up to 60°C). Fast, precise and innovative, it offers infinite possibilities for the creation of prototypes and functional 3D parts.


Sturdy components ensure printing of carbon fiber/glass-reinforced polymers and other demanding materials. Thanks to a force sensor, the printer can compensate for platen calibration, ensuring perfect Z-height and flow calibration via Lidar. It is also equipped with a camera capable of detecting print failures.









Choose a Dual Extrusion 3D Printer



For those wishing to explore two-color or two-material prints, a dual-extrusion 3D printer is the recommendation. The set-up for a two-color or two-material print is more complex than for a single print, requiring extra care when preparing the printer. If your intention is to diversify your prints with various materials or colors, dual-extrusion 3D printers offer a versatile solution. Equipped with two extruders, these machines can handle a multitude of materials to meet different printing needs.






Avantages de la double extrusion


Limites de la double extrusion

                  Two-Color Printing: Double extrusion allows alternating printing with two different colors, offering visually attractive results.                 Complex settings: Double extrusion requires finer and more complex settings, requiring in-depth familiarity with several adjustment parameters.        
       Merging a standard material with a rapidly soluble support material. It eliminates the need for manual removal of supports, and ensures that no trace of support alters the quality of the final part.                       Post-processing required: Although double extrusion offers visual advantages, post-processing may require additional time and effort to achieve perfect results. 
  Time-saving: Some models offer options for creating two identical parts at the same time, thus saving printing time.  Risks of Complications: Dual extrusion printers present a higher risk of print failure due to two nozzles, requiring more frequent maintenance. 

Soluble media: Double extrusion facilitates the generation of soluble media, simplifying media removal after printing.

  3D modeling skills: To use double extrusion effectively, 3D modeling may be required to create compatible STL files. 








Quality Double Extrusion options



Flashforge Range : Complete 3D Ecosystem 



Creator 3 / Creator 3 Pro

The FlashForge Creator 3 Pro is a highly efficient and professional 3d printer, featuring two independent extruders that can print two materials simultaneously. The nozzle and heating block are integrated directly into the extruder. With its dual ventilation system, this three-dimensional printer lets you control wind speed to achieve better print quality on technical filaments.


Creator 4

The Flashforge creator 4A 3D printer is a high-performance double-extrusion 3d printer with a large print volume (400 x 350 x 500 mm). The different types of filament accommodated by this 3d machine (flexible, engineered and carbon-fiber composite filamnets) can be automatically adjusted to different preheating temperatures in the chamber.









Raise3D: Large format and versatility




Raise3D brand large-format printers, equipped with two fixed extruders with removable nozzles, are capable of adapting to all materials. They offer a versatile solution for high-quality prints. Machines-3D, the best online retailer of 3D printers and 3D scanners, offers the Raise Pro2, Raise Pro2 Plus, Raise3D Pro3 and Raise3D Pro3 Plus dual extrusion 3D printers from the Raise3D brand. These robust dual-extrusion 3D printers offer high volume, excellent precision and high-quality technology. Raise 3D printers are one of the best large-format 3D printers with outstanding value for money. Find Raise 3D printers in our online store.







Conclusion: Adapt Your Choice to Your Needs


In conclusion, the choice between a 3D printer with one or two extruders depends on your specific needs. If simplicity, precision and print quality are priorities, a single extruder head may suffice. However, if you want to explore more advanced possibilities with two-color printing, gradients, or soluble media, a dual-extruder 3D printer offers added versatility.



At Machines-3d, we offer a variety of 3D printers to suit different needs, whether for the passionate hobbyist or the demanding professional. Don't hesitate to contact us for personalized advice on choosing the ideal 3D printer for your projects.









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