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How to Choose the Ideal Printing Speed for Your 3D Printer






Print speed is a crucial consideration when choosing a 3D printer, and its impact on machine performance should not be underestimated. The standard unit of measurement for the print speed of a 3D printer is expressed in millimeters per second (mm/s).







Understanding how to choose the right speed can greatly influence the quality of your prints.



The measurement in millimeters per second represents the rate at which the print head moves. In reality, this is the maximum speed the head will reach at the end of the initial acceleration.


This is often confusing, because even if a speed of 300 mm/s is specified in the print parameters, it is rare, if not improbable, for a printer to actually reach this speed, due to various factors such as the geometry of the object to be printed and the specific electronics used by the printer.


As a general rule, there is an inverse relationship between print quality and print speed. The higher the desired quality, the lower the print speed, even for a specific 3D printer. This is because high speeds can compromise layer accuracy, leading to a reduction in overall rendering quality.


Manufacturers often provide indications of print speed in their 3D printer specifications or on packaging. It's crucial to note that these values are often provided as a guideline. You may be tempted to push the limits of print speed, but this should be done with caution, as it could be to the detriment of print quality.



We recommend that you consult our teams of specialized technicians to determine the optimum speed for your specific 3D printer. Machines-3D experts can provide you with personalized advice based on your needs and the type of projects you plan to undertake.


In conclusion, print speed is a delicate compromise between speed of execution and quality of rendering. By understanding the implications of speed on your 3D prints, you can make informed decisions that will enable you to get the most out of your 3D printer, in line with your creative aspirations.











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