» What is 3D Printing ?
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3d printing & 3d printer : what are we talking about ?



3D printing has direct applications on :








3D printing serves as an educational tool to introduce students to 3D technologies, encourage their curiosity and interest via the transformation of virtual projects to the real world, and boost their knowledge in technologies of the future.  In this context, Machines-3D provides schools with 3D printing machines and provides training in the use of these machines and associated software, with the printing of readily available 3D models live. We also offer a full after sales services to sustain our relationships with academic institutions.




Architects and Designers


Having difficulties imagining perspectives on a screen? Easily give life to your buildings from Sketchup ! For your first drafts or for architectural models, 3D printers allow you to brilliantly illustrate the shapes and volumes, giving a modern and accurate picture to your projects.



Machines-3D will provide, in supplement to the equipment, advices that will ensure compatibility of your existing software with the 3D printing interface. Machines-3D can also offer you an object-correction service that will guarantee optimal printing of your buildings and structures.  The constantly increasing wide range of color and printable materials that we offer will allow you to surprise your clients while pushing the limits of expression of your Art.