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Dental AutoScan DS-MIX 3D scanner
10990.00 +Tx
Product available
Autoscan Dental scanner 3D
Ultra-fine Details
Versatile Applications
3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX
4241.50 +Tx4990.00€ +Tx
Product available
EXOCAD software compatible
High quality at reasonable price
3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX PRO S
6999.00 +Tx
Product available
3D desktop dental scanner
Best cost-effectiveness
EXOCAD software compatible
Aoralscan Dental intra oral 3D scanner
13999.00 +Tx
Product available
Easy scan
Without powder

Machines-3D is now proposing the best of the 3d dental scanner.


With the lab dental scanner Auto-Scan DS200+ from Shining-3D you will scan archs in no time ! (full arch 6 sec).


With dental scanner AutoScan DS300 you will get an awesome solution for implants All-on-4 and All-on-6 thanks to it's articulator transfer fixture. You will olso be able to work out the best solutions in a reliable way for your fixed prosthetics, hybride prothesis and implants, bridges...


Finally, the 3D Scanner  intra-oral will enter every dentist cabinets with its bottom pric, accuracy, best value products for 2017 in the dental industry !


Autoscan Dental 3Dscanner in stock ! Intra-Oral for preorder with delivery start of 2017 !