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Einscan 2X Pro and Pro+ 3d scanner: 360 rotating platform & tripod einscan 2X – machines-3d
699.00 +Tx
Product available
Automate your scans !
For Einscan 2X series
Perfect for reverse engineering !

Materials and accessories for 3D Scanners.


Get the best result out of your 3D Scanner using our Anti-Glare Spray and Cleaning Spray ! Very useful for metallic or see-through parts that reflect structured light or laser emitted by 3D scanners.


Stabilise your scans thanks to our tripod or make a 360° shooting of your 3D scanned parts with our rotating board.


Our online shop offers you a wide range of items and accessories especially made for making your experience of 3D Scanning a success and an easier journey !


For 3D Scanners, once again trust only 3D experts like Machines-3D