3DXTech Filament CARBONX CF-PEKK-A 1,75mm 250g Black (PEKK+ Carbon fiber)

3DXTech Filament CARBONX CF-PEKK-A 1,75mm 250g Black (PEKK+ Carbon fiber)
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3DXTech's CARBONX™ CF-PEKK-A (1.75mm 250g - Black) is a PolyEtherKetoneKetone (PEKK) filament, one of the world's highest-performing polymers. CarbonX® CarbonX® reinforced PEKK-A has a longer application time than PEEK and is typically printed with extrusion temperatures between 345 and 375°C, while CF-PEEK often requires extrusion temperatures above 400°C. CarbonX™ PEKK has a lower rate and degree of crystallinity than PEEK, which makes printing easier.  However, when printed and annealed, CarbonX™ PEKK parts perform better than PEEK. In short: + easy to print + superior performance!



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About 3DXTech


3DXTech is an American company based in Michigan. It produces in its Grand Rapids plant industrial-quality filaments capable of meeting the high demands and needs of scientists and engineers. Their high-performance plastics are used in advanced fields such as aerospace, automotive, rail, food, as well as in the laboratories and assembly lines of many manufacturers around the world.












Printing advice for CARBONX CF-PEKK-AT



  • Extruder temperature: 345 - 375°C 
  • Tray temperature: 120 - 140°C
  • Tray preparation: We recommend using a sheet-type construction surface made of Polyetherimide (PEI). If you don't have one, you can use stick glue on a clean glass tray.
  • Speaker temperature:  Up to 140°C if your printer is equipped with a heating chamber
  • Nozzle Diameter: We strongly recommend a 0.4 mm nozzle outlet.
  • Layer height: The ideal layer height is 60% of the nozzle diameter.  We do not recommend printing layers smaller than 0.25 mm with carbon fiber.  Layer heights less than 0.25 mm can create too much back pressure in the hot section and lead to poor feeding, blockages, rattling of the drive gear, and a notch in the filament.










Example of printed parts with CARBONX CF-PEKK-A













3DXTech best printing parameters





Print bedDrying Temp (Max) Drying Time (Min) 
THERMAX HTS350 - 380 °C120 - 160 °C120 °C4H

140 - 160°C

120 °C4H
CARBONX CF-Nylon PA6240 - 270°C80 - 100°C90 °C4H
CARBONX CF-PEKK-A 345 - 375°C 120 - 140 °C120 °C4H
CARBONX CF-PETG230 à 260°C70 - 90 °C65 °C2 - 4H
FIBREX PA6-30GF260-280°C60 - 75 °C90 °C4H
ezPC (Polycarbonate)255-275°C90 - 110 °C80 °C4H

* The present information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heating plate temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.









Technical specifications







Copolymer PEKK 60/40 (PEKK-A) reinforced with carbon fiber, easier to print than PEEK

Glass transition temperature

 (Tg) of 160°C (~20°C higher than PEEK)

Thermal distortion temperature 

(HDT) of 150°C

Melting temperature

 (Tm) of 305°C (allows for lower printing temperatures than PEEK)

Inherent flame resistance

the base resin is UL V-0 classified
Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals  Such as those used in the oil/gas, automotive, aerospace, industrial, and chemical processing sectors
Diameter1,75 mm (+/- 0,05 mm)
Max Drying Temp120°C
Min Drying Time4 hours






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     • 1 spool of 3DXTech - CARBONX CF-PEKK-A - 1.75mm 250g - Black filament