» » » BASF Resin Ultracur3D® EL 60 clear 1kg

BASF Resin Ultracur3D® EL 60 clear 1kg

BASF Resin Ultracur3D® EL 60 clear 1kg
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BASF Ultracur3D® EL 60 is a highly versatile reactive urethane photopolymer for highly elastic applications, combining very good torsional strength and elongation at break with high flexibility (Shore 71A) and low water absorption. It has virtually no compression set over time and is very easy to print. The parts are printed with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, which is particularly suitable for mass production. 



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Examples of printed parts












  • Low hardness (Shore 71A)

  • Low water uptake

  • Very easy to print

  • Almost no compression set

  • Footwear

  • Prototyping

  • Cushioning pads

  • Flexible grip











Note: the biocompatibility tests were recorded on test specimen of the above referenced product to show the compatibility of the material in general. The biocompatibility tests listed are not part of any continuous production protocol. The test assessments reflect only the test specimen and have to be retested on the final product. It remains the responsibility of the device manufacturers and/or end-users to determine the suitability of all printed parts for their respective applications.  
For notice: we give no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the suitability of the above-mentioned product for use in any medical device and pharmaceutical applications. All information contained in this document is given in good faith and is based on sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the date of publication of this document. It is the responsibility of those to whom we supply our products to ensure that any proprietary rights and existing laws and legislation are observed. The certificate is exclusively for our customers and respective competent authorities. It is not intended for publication either in printed or electronic form (e.g. via the Internet) by others. Thus, neither partial nor full publication is allowed without written permission. 




Other technical information


  • UV resistance: information available on request
  • Sterilization: information available on request
  • Chemical Compatibility: information available on request

(Please contact us by e-mail info@machines-3d.com in order to obtain more information)









Technical specifications




Tensile strength

80 MPa


Elongation at break

6 %


Tear Strength

16 N/mm

ASTM D624 type C

Rebound Resilience

17 %ASTM D790


1.2 g/cm3









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     • 1 bottle of BASF Ultracur3D® EL 60 


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