BASF Ultrafuse Filament PET CF15 1,75mm 750g Black

BASF Ultrafuse Filament PET CF15 1,75mm 750g Black
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BASF PET CF15 3D Filament



BASF Ultrafuse® PET CF15 filament combines ease of processing and very low moisture absorption with excellent strength and stiffness at an affordable cost. Ultrafuse® PET CF15 is a polyethylene terephthalate reinforced with 15% carbon fiber. This technical filament is easier to process than other carbon fiber reinforced filaments. The filament is very strong and stiff and has high heat resistance. With its high dimensional stability and low abrasiveness, the filament provides an easy-to-print experience that allows direct printing onto glass or PEI sheet. It is compatible with HIPS for detachable backing and water soluble backing and has excellent surface finish. Users will be able to 3D print new components that remain fully functional under higher mechanical and thermal loads. Ultrafuse® PET CF15 is a technical filament optimized to allow users to develop new 3D printing applications with higher requirements. With its superior heat resistance, high strength and stiffness, it is a filament for a wide range of demanding industrial applications. Its high dimensional stability and very low moisture absorption make it a perfect solution for applications in wet operating environments.






  • Strong and rigid components
  • Easy to process
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Heat resistant up to 108°C
  • High dimensional stability
  • Compatible with BVOH and HIPS for support
  • Excellent surface condition
  • Automotive
  • Jigs and fixtures
  • Applications for wet work environments
  • Nozzle temp.: 250 – 270 °C
  • Buildplate temp: 65 – 85°C
  • Plate Material: Glass, PEI
  • Nozzle diameter: ≥ 0.6 mm, Ruby or hardened steel
  • Print speed: 30 - 80 mm/s
  • Drying: 65°C in a hot air dryer or vacuum oven for 4 to 16 hours









Technical specifications


Résistance à la traction
(Tensile strength)
12.5 (ZX) / 63.2 (XY)ISO 527

Module de flexion

(Flexural Modulus)

2253 MPa (ZX) / 5452 MPa (XY) ISO 178

Allongement à la rupture
(Elongation at Break)

0.5 % (ZX) / 3.7 % (XY)

ISO 527

Résistance aux chocs Izod (entaillé)
(Impact Strength Izod (notched))

2.0 kJ/m2 (ZX) / 5.7 kJ/m2 (XY)

ISO 180








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