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BAMBU LAB X1-Carbon Combo 3D Printer
1568.00€ +Tx
This product will be available by the 12/06/2023.
Speed up to 500 mm/s
256 x 256 x 256 mm
BAMBU LAB X1-Carbon Multi-material Multi-Color 3D Printer
1240.00€ +Tx
This product will be available by the 14/06/2023.
Speed up to 500 mm/s
256 x 256 x 256 mm
Bambu Lab AMS - Automatic Material System
329.00€ +Tx
This product will be available by the 12/06/2023.
Compatible with BambuLab X1 and P1P series 3D printers

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The newest Bambu Lab's X1-Carbon that Machines-3D proposes to you in France and in Europe is a high-end 3D printer that offers professional features at an affordable price. This printer is designed for hobbyists and professionals who want to easily create complex, high-quality objects. Indeed, as we can see from Bambu Lab's slogan "We hated 3D printing as much as we loved It.", Bambu Lab has set 5 goals before officially announcing the Kickstarter of the X1 series. Those are the most important points on which they focused.

- No more Bed-Slingers
- No more bloodshed during support removal
- Sleep soundly during over-night prints
- Bring color back into the community
- Stiff PA-CF parts for my Nerf blaster



A unique feature of this 3D printer is the use of carbon fiber-impregnated nylon filaments. This material is incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for creating functional parts and prototypes that can withstand abuse and harsh conditions and environment. Additionally, the X1-Carbon 3D printer includes a 'resume printing' feature that is especially useful when a power failure or other interruption occurs. If the print job is interrupted for any reason, the printer will automatically pause and save the print progress. When power is restored or the problem is resolved, users can resume printing where they left off instead of starting over.


Another feature that sets the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon, apart from other 3D printers, is its precision linear rail system. This system allows the print head to move smoothly and precisely along its X, Y, and Z axes for high precision and high-quality printing. This accuracy is especially important for complex or detailed designs that require precise measurements. 


The X1-Carbon also features a unique cooling system that uses two fans to maintain an optimal and constant temperature throughout the printing process. This helps prevent overheating and distortion of the print, resulting in a smoother, more polished surface.


Overall, the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon is a high-end machine that offers a range of innovative and advanced features. From the use of carbon fiber-impregnated nylon filaments to the precision linear rail system and advanced cooling technology,  X1-Carbon is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, high-quality 3D printing solution.