» » » Dedicated powder tools for Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro

Dedicated powder tools for Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro

Dedicated powder tools for Sinterit Lisa and Lisa Pro
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How to improve the workflow of the whole 3D printing process in SLS technology? Sinterit designed dedicated tools to make your work with powder safe, easy, and fast. In the Dedicated Set of Accessories you will find:

Elementary tools kit - needed equipment for the whole printing process, from the initial startup to the post-processing
Sinterit Funnel - for easier control of the poured powder stream. Nothing falls outside the work area. No loss, no mess.
Powder Tools - that guide you with filling the printer with powder, and removing the cake.
Powder Trowel - that allows you to perfectly compact
the whole powder in the feed bed.
Foldable Tray - your movable working space to deal
with powder and to keep the process clean.
Service Kit - set of servicing parts, everything you need
to work for 1,000 hours.
Document binder - to keep all manuals in one place.



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Contents of order


     • 1 Sinterit dedicated Powder Tools

        - 1 Pliable Tray
        - 1 IO box Power tool
        - 1 Trowel 
        - 1 Powder Funnel
        - 1 Measuring cup
        - 1 Metal strainer
        - 1 Large scoop for powder

        - 1 Protective glasses
        - 1 Protective dust mask
        - 1 Pair of protective gloves
        - 2 Pieces of large brushes
        - 3 Pieces of small brushes
        - 1 Brush
        - 2 Metal detail purifiers
        - 1 Set of plastic spatulas
        - 2 Silicone oils
        - 16 Heaters supply
        - 3 Spare recoater cord
        - Set of cleaning wipes
        - Cotton cloths

        - 1 Binder for documents