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EXOCAD Ultimate Lab Bundle
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A powerful dental CAD software


EXOCAD® DentalCAD ​​is the leading OEM in dental CAD software. This complete software allows dental technicians to develop their dentures in just a few clicks. Ideal for beginners and even more powerful in the hands of an expert. This CAD software is known for its speed and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs to maximize productivity. It is reliable and robust even for complex cases in everyday life.


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The differences between Exocad licenses


Perpetual licenseFlex Licence

The perpetual license is a permanent license that is valid indefinitely. The one Machines-3D offers you today is the basic perpetual license without an upgrade contract. Renewing the update contract is not mandatory: after the first year of free updates included, customers can choose to renew the contract for one year or continue to use the license without updates.


Note: when a customer decides to renew the contract after 90 days from the expiration date, the refresh fee is mandatory and the customer is required to pay 1 annual fee for the basic version and 1 annual fee for each module already installed on the license, in addition to the update. fresh. the new contract will expire 365 days after the contract is renewed. If customers sign up for the renewal of the contract before the expiration date or within 90 days of the expiration date, no refresh fee will have to be paid. The new contract will expire 365 days after the original expiration date.

The Flex license is a subscription-based model with various advantages, such as low initial cost and flexible activation/deactivation of modules. The license is therefore not permanent. Subscription to the Flex License means that the software will be deactivated in the event of non-renewal of the annual membership fee. All update contract services are included as well as free replacement of lost dongles.


The Flex license is the right choice for those who like to play it safe.








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The EXOCAD® module develop the features of the standard version.

This module system offers great flexibility, you can buy only what you need and

omit what you do not have utility, making it an economical and compact solution.






Full Denture

The design and analysis of the model can be done numerically and the results will be used for a suggestion of automatic configuration.



Virtual articulator


The exocad articulator allows users to consider dynamic occlusion when designing crowns and bridges.



Provisional eggshell


With the temporary module, temporary crowns and bridges can be designed using the shell technique.


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Model creator


The model creator will help you create physical models from intraoral scans or dental scan.


Dicom Viewer 


Design of models with detachable segments and the design of monolithic models


Smile Creator


This module is a digital solution of design and aesthetic planning that will allow you to obtain more predictable results.

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Digital solution for the design and construction of your removable partial denture frameworks


Bite Splint


Fast, easy to use, the realization of your models is done in a few clicks. this module is average on meeting the objectives by respecting the aesthetic function.




With the exocad implant module, the design of custom abutments is simple and easy.

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Exocad's Trusmile technology provides a realistic rendering of dental restoration - in real time during the design process.




The Exocad Bar Module allows fast and easy realization of implant bars, as well as the advanced design of custom bars.


Jaw Motion Import


Our The Jaw Motion Import module allows you to import jaw movement registration data from external devices

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Tooth library


EXOCAD® DentalCAD ships with a variety of tooth libraries. 

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Content of the order


     • 1 EXOCAD® DentalCAD Software

     • 1 Activation dungle

     • 1 Virtual Articulator module

     • 1 Provisional module

     • 1 TruSmile module

     • 1 Tooth Library module

     • 1 Implant module

     • 1 Dicom Viewer module

     • 1 Bar module

     • 1 Model Creator module

     • 1 Smile Creator module

     • 1 FullDenture module

     • 1 Jaw Motion module

     • 1 Bite Splint module

     • 1 PartialCAD module



Brochure Exocad (EN)


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