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Expert Maintenance Pack - ULTIMATE

Expert Maintenance Pack - ULTIMATE
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This pack offers you a complete solution to manage your internal maintenance. Whether with 3D scanning of parts, software, or with 3D printing.

  • The Enhanced Funmat HT 3D printer from Intamsys allows you to have access to a wide choice of thermo-polymers. From simple PLA to the most technical materials like PEAK-A-CF and PC-CF.
  • The reinforced copper-chromium-zirconium nozzle reduces wear and tear on the machine, even when printing with very abrasive materials.
  • The Filament dryer offers you the possibility to keep your spools warm and dry for storage and printing.
  • The Einscan Pro HD is one of the most versatile scanners on the market. In this package, it is equipped with a turntable for excellent accuracy on small parts. It will also prove to be very relevant on parts up to several cubic meters in volume.
  • The Geomagic Essential software provided in the reverse engineering pack allows you to prepare your scan for reverse engineering. It is great post-processing and meshes editing tool, and also allows you to extract curves and geometries from your scan. The icing on the cake, it offers a .stl to .step transformation tool! 










Content of

Expert Maintenance Pack - ULTIMATE




3D Printer 3D Scanner


The Enhanced FUNMAT HT of Intamsys is fully capable of 3D printing high-performance functional materials like PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU, as well as a broad range of engineering thermoplastics. This 3D printer offers an excellent resolution of up to 50 microns and an industrial level of quality. Advanced thermal system designed for this Enhanced Funmat HT 3D printer includes a 90 °C constant temperature chamber, 160 °C heated build plate, and 450 °C high-temperature extruders with all-metal hotend. With this improved version, your 3D prints are even more accurate, more reliable and the calibration of the printing platform is automatic!


The Einscan Pro HD 3D scanner from Shining 3D, our exclusive partner in France, is a portable 3D scanner from the Einscan Pro series offering unrivaled performance in high-resolution 3D scanning. Thanks to a minimum distance adjustment of 0.2 mm with an optimized algorithm, it provides high resolution and precision in hand scanning as well as in fixed scanning. Exceptional versatility and powerful optimizations are combined for a high-performance, professional-quality 3D scanning experience. With this 3D scanner, you will have fewer limitations for scanning a dark metal surface.










3DXTech's CARBONX™ CF-PEKK-A is a PolyEtherKetoneKetone (PEKK) filament. CarbonX® CarbonX® reinforced PEKK-A has a longer application time than PEEK and is typically printed with extrusion temperatures between 345 °C and 375 °C, while CF-PEEK often requires extrusion temperatures above 400 °C. CarbonX™ PEKK has a lower rate and degree of crystallinity than PEEK, which makes printing easier.  However, when printed and annealed, CarbonX™ PEKK parts perform better than PEEK.


The professional Filament dryer offers a quick and easy way to remove moisture from the filaments for better 3D printing quality. It works with 1.75mm and 3mm diameter filaments of any filament material.












Content of the order


     • 1 Intamsys Enhanced Funmat HT

     • 1 Einscan Pro HD Reverse Engineering Bundle
     • 1 Tiertime Dryer Filament
     • 1 3DXTech CARBONX™ CF-PEKK-A Filament

     • 1 CuCrZr nozzle 0.4mm Intamsys


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