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Filament Tiertime ABS 1,75mm 2kg White

Tiertime ABS Filament 2kg 1,75mm White – Tiertime 3D filament – Buy on Machines-3D - Official reseller
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The Tiertime UP ABS 2kg filament is a filament specifically designed for Tiertime 3D printers such as the X5 and the UP300. This filament is ideal for printing complex products and functional prototypes due to its excellent resistance and its high resistance to cold temperatures. This ABS filament can be welded and become smooth and shiny due to a chemical process based on acetone vapor. We recommend that you calibrate your nozzle temperatures from 260 to 275 °C for this plastic filament, the heatbed will ideally be set to 130 °C in order to avoid warping. These values given for information only have to be adjusted to guarantee an optimal result.



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Features of material



ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ) is a thermoplastic polymer. It is often used in everyday products (remote controls, LEGOS etc ...). It begins to soften at 90 ° C and melt at 190 ° C. ABS is heat resistant and is quite flexible. It will be suitable for printing small, precise and mechanical parts due to its higher resistance to heat and impacts. The use of ABS requires the systematic use of a heatbed to limit the effects of shrinkage, the main defect of this material.


 ABS contains Styrene, which is emitted during melting in the form of fine particles, which can be dangerous for people with respiratory disorders and whose effects on humans are little known. As a precaution, we recommend you to use careened and filtered 3D printers in order to print in ABS, in dedicated empty spaces or spacious and ventilated place. Otherwise, please consider using the PLA filament, which does not present any known danger for the man until this day.








Technical specifications



Properties Metric Imperial ISO Standard
Tensile strength 30 MPa 4390 psi ISO 527:1998

Breaking stress

31.5 MPa 4390 psi ISO 527:1998

Elongation at Break

11.08 %

11.08 %

ISO 527:1998

Glass transition temperature

107.89 °C 223 °F ISO 11357-3:2014
Shore hardness (D) 69.2 69.2 ISO 868:1998











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     • 1 Spool of Tiertime ABS filament 2kg White