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Filament Tiertime PLA 1,75mm 2kg Black

Tiertime PLA Filament 2kg 1,75mm Black – Tiertime 3D filament – Buy on Machines-3D - Official reseller
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Constructed from biodegradable, plant-based materials, Tiertime UP PLA 2kg filament is specially offers you excellent stability and minimal deformation, offering good quality and finishing of printed parts. Compared to ABS plastic, it has a very low shrinkage in 3D printing and can be used without a heating plate, so your accuracy will be slightly increased. It becomes more fragile when in contact with moisture, so we advise you to store it in a dry place and in its original protective packaging. This filament is for Tiertime 3D printers such as X5 and UP300, it gives you better 3D print reliability and easier support removal.



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Note: Tiertime 2kg spools do not fit in Tiertime 3D printers. We, therefore, recommend that you print a spool holder in order to properly unroll the spool during printing.










  • For optimal quality, we recommend that you print PLA filament between 200 and 215 °C, at a speed of 40 to 85 mm/s, and a heated bed between 30 and 50 °C (not necessary).
  • PLA is sensitive to humidity, remember to store it in a dry place. We also advise you to prefer the use of this PLA plastic to ABS for the production of large flat parts.










Technical specifications



Tensile strength>= 60 MPa

Flexural strength

31.5 MPa

Elongation at Break

4.4 - 6 %











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     • 1 Spool of Tiertime PLA filament 2kg Black