» » » Filament Zortrax Inventure 1,75mm 350g Z-PLA Blue

Filament Zortrax Inventure 1,75mm 350g Z-PLA Blue

Filament Zortrax Inventure 1,75mm 350g Z-PLA Blue
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The Zortrax Z-PLA filament guarantees precise 3D printing of complex models. This biodegradable 3D printing material is composed of ecological components. Z-PLA is ideal for models with superior details and smooth surface. The high hardness and very low shrinkage make the material well suited for 3D printing of high quality parts. Z-PLA is also a popular choice for 3D architectural architectural models and complex educational models. The environmentally friendly filament works with Z-SUPPORT Premium BVOH based filament and the Zortrax DSS station providing hassle-free media removal. The Z-PLA filament is delivered in smart cartridges.



Compatible with

  • Zortrax Inventure


Available colors


 Yellow Green











Examples of 3D printed models

with Zortrax filament Z-PLA












Print Settings




The Z-Suite 2 slicing software allows you to automatically set the optimal print settings for filament use on the Zortrax Inventure. You can even go even further through a range of advanced options.














  • High-quality parts
  • Architecture mock-ups
  • Detailed conceptual models
  • Educational models
  • Models required to be biodegradable












Technical specifications



Properties Metric Imperial ISO Standard

Flexural modulus

1.47 GPa

213 ksi

ISO 178:2011

Tensile strength

47.95 MPa 6950 psi ISO 527:1998

Bending stress

56.80 MPa

8240 psi

ISO 178:2011

Glass Transition Temperature

57.06 °C

135 °F

ISO 11357-3:2014

Shore Hardness (D)

79.8 79.8

ISO 868:1998









Content of the order


     • 1 Spool of Z-PLA filament 350 g Blue


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