» » » Filament Zortrax Inventure Z-PETG 1,75mm 350g Black

Filament Zortrax Inventure Z-PETG 1,75mm 350g Black

Filament Zortrax Inventure Z-PETG 1,75mm 350g Black
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The Zortrax Z-PETG filament combines glycol with standard PET to eliminate brittleness. The result is improved durability and tensile strength. Z-PETG is an industrial grade 3D printing material designed to work in extreme environments. It is resistant to oils and greases, does not degrade over time and is resistant to UV lights. Use it to test your prototypes in various industrial conditions. The low shrinkage allows 3D printing of complex mechanical elements as well as final components. The strength of the material can be used to create workpieces designed to withstand stress like springs, shock absorbers, and manufacturing tools. The Z-PETG filament is a robust solution for highly demanding professionals.



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    Examples of 3D printed models

    with Zortrax filament Z-PETG











    Print Settings




    The Z-Suite 2 slicing software allows you to automatically set the optimal print settings for filament use on the Zortrax Inventure. You can even go even further through a range of advanced options.











    • Industrial tools and parts
    • Parts required to be resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, solvents, greases and oils
    • Mechanical components
    • Working mechanisms
    • Crash tests
    • Packaging prototypes
    • Containers and casings












    Technical specifications



    PropertiesMetricImperialISO Standard
    Izod Impact, Notched3.27 kJ/m21.56 ft-lb/in2ISO 180:2004
    Breaking stress37.27 MPa5410 psiISO 527:1998

    Glass Transition Temperature

    104.1 °C

    219 °F

    ISO 11357-3:2014

    Shore Hardness (D)


    ISO 868:1998










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