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Footstation pack Einscan Pro 2X Plus

Footstation Pack Einscan Pro 2X Plus
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With the newly developed FootStation Pack, it makes our multi-functional handheld 3D scanner for foot scanning more easily and quickly. EinScan Pro 2X Plus with FootStation Pack is not only able to scan foot but also can scan other parts of the human body such as the face, arms, back and etc.



  Maximal Accuracy
  0.5 mm


 Maximal Foot size
  Up to270 mm


Compatible with














Feet scanning the easy way


The FootStation platform associates a mirror to an array of scanning dots that are preconfigured in the ExscanFeet software, allowing for a quick, simple, and precise extraction of feet data. Once a scan is completed, the software generates a 30 points analysis report from heel to toe. You can also export the scan as a .STL file.














A great variety of usage


The analysis report generated after scanning feet with a handheld Einscan 3D scanner and the FootStation module can be used for a variety of procedures from creating orthotics, prosthetics, to the conception of 3D printed of orthopedic insoles, shoes or any other personalized equipment. The accuracy of Einscann handheld scanners mixed with the ease of use of the FootStation module makes it the ideal tool for any orthopedic or occupational therapy projects requiring 3D scanning of feet.









Discover the Footstation module in video



Presentation of Shining 3D Footstation module












Footstation Pack Shining 3D  

Dimensions of Standing Platform

450 x 310 x 61.5 mm

Foot size Range Maximum 44 (270 mm)
Load Bearing of Standing Platform 120 kg
Scanning time 1 minute
High accuracy 0.5 mm
Requires 1 handheld Einscann scanner
Recommanded configuration

Computer :

CPU I7 or higher,

GPU NVIDIA GTX 770 or higher

Graphic memory > 4 Gb,

RAM 16 Gb or higher,

At least 1 USB 3.0 port






Content of order


     • 1 Footstation pack

     • 9 pair of white socks

     • 1 USB key (ExscanFeet software and manual)


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