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HEPA Filtration Hood Zortrax M200 / M200+

Filtration Hood Zortrax HEPA M200 / M200+
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The filtration hood HEPA is a filtration device that you place on top of your Zortrax M200 or M200 Plus 3D printer. It improves your 3D prints and filters most 3D print shows. The Zortrax HEPA filter cover solves the following problems:
▪ Reduces the risk of plastic deformation (warping) by maintaining a stable temperature inside the printing chamber. 
▪ Eliminates unpleasant odors emitted during the 3D printing process thanks to the charcoal filter. 
▪ The HEPA filter retains more than 99% of 3D printing emissions, including ultra-fine particles.



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Technical specifications

General Information

HEPA Hood Dimensions

545 x 483 x 280 mm

weigh2.55 kg

Box dimensions

565 x 550 x 335 mm

Total weight of the bo

4.8 kg

Filtering setting

filter type

Odor filter

Filter type

Carbon filter

Particle filte


Efficiency of the HEPA filte

More than 99%
Power settings

Mains Voltage

100-240, 0.7A 50 / 60Hz 

Power source

12VCC, 0,5A (min)

Average energy consumptio







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Customer reviews
Number's review: 5
Product rating: 5/5 note
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Customer reviews 23/07/2021
Très bien ! Températures globalement bien mieux régulées et constantes. Pour la filtration des particules, réponse dans 20 ans :)
Customer reviews 16/09/2020
Très bon services, renseignement adéquat. Et colis arrivé en bon état.
Customer reviews 23/07/2019
Zortrax, très bon, produit, bien fini, facile à installer.
Customer reviews 30/08/2018
Finition impeccable, l?accessoIre indispensable pour M200, M200+
Customer reviews 24/06/2018
Bon produit, conforme à mes attentes.

Content of order


     • 1 Hood HEPA Zortrax M200 / M200+
      1 Filter (HEPA filter, activated carbon filter)

      1 Power suppl

     • 1 Front access with a front door

      1 User Manual