Intamsys Filament ULTEM (PEI) 1010 1,75mm (500g / 1kg)

ULTEM 1010 Intamsys filament 1.75 mm 500g
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ULTEM 1010 material is a high performance thermoplastic - polyetherimide (PEI), which offers excellent strength, thermal stability and the ability to withstand steam autoclaving. ULTEM 1010 offers high thermal resistance, chemical resistance and tensile strength and is ideal for oil and gas, aerospace and automotive applications.













ULTEM Filament Printing Tips



  • This experimental 3D filament requires demanding 3D printing conditions including an extruder that is capable of heating up to 400°C and a print chamber that is thermally controlled to a minimum of 220°C.


  • This filament material is sensitive to humidity. After opening, it should be stored in a dry and light-free environment. For optimal use of the filament and a good surface finish, we recommend drying the filament at 150 °C for 5 hours.


  • Remember to prepare your printing plate with adhesive specially designed for high-temperature materials such as PEEK and PEI (see the nano polymer adhesive: Vision Miner Nano Polymer).


  • Once your 3D print is complete, it is a good idea to unload the filament from the 3D machine and store it in a dry, light-free place. Also, remember to clean your nozzle to eliminate any blockages or defects for the next print.









Examples of 3D printed models

with Intamsys ULTEM filament












Technical specifications



PropertiesMetricTest method

Tensile Strength

90 MPa


Elongation at break

3.3 %


Heat Deflection Temperature

207 °C


Glass transition Temperature

215 °C

DSC, 10 °C/min


1.27 g/cm3

 ASTM D792







Content of the order


     • 1 Spool of Intamsys filament ULTEM 1010 500 g - 1kg


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