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Liqcreate Resin Tough-X 1kg
139.95€ +Tx
Product available
ABS like
Extreme impact resistance
DurableHeavy duty parts
Liqcreate Resin Elastomer-X 1kg
129.95€ +Tx
Product available
Excellent elongation
High elasticity
Possible to color / dye
Liqcreate Resin Premium Model 1kg
74.35€ +Tx
Not available
Great accuracy
Dimensional stable
Temperature resistant
for aligner production
Liqcreate Resin Strong-X 1kg
159.95€ +Tx
Product available
High strength
High temperature resistance
Low odor
Low shrinkage
Liqcreate Resin Wax Castable 1kg
90.90€ +Tx
Product available
High precision
Clean & ash free burnout
Excellent casting of engravings