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The Liquid Crystal Precision is the most accurate 3D printer of the DPP (Daylight Polymer Printer) printer range by Photocentric. Designed for the printing of small pieces, this 3D printer is a musthave for the creation of thin pieces such as jewellery and scale model figures. Printed with photosensitive resin, the item can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or warm water. 



  25 microns (0,025 mm/couche)

​  Résolution XY:
             47 microns


   Build platform 
   123 x 69 x 160 mm


   08 - 11 second/layer


    Compatible materials
      Liquid Crystal resin (Daylight) Precision – high tensile – firm – castable resin







Liquid Crystal 3D printed samples 





The Liquid Crystal is mainly used in three sectors: the jewellery, the dental sector (prosthetist) and for the rapid prototyping. The Liquid Crystal maximizes the quality to enable the printing of very small pieces. 
Photocentric pushes the limits with a pixel density (XY) of 47 microns. The Liquid Crystal is a 3D printer that uses the simultaneous Dzflashingdz of the layers. Printing several items is equal to a simple print ! 











Content of the pack 



                               1 LIQUID CRYSTAL Precision           1 bottle of resin HARD RED (250g)                          

Software Creation Workshop (1 year)             Accessories kit                 1 year warranty            Machines-3D Hotline










Available colours of the

Liquid Crystal Precision resins 











Your 3D printed pieces are also washable with water! 







New !



Thanks to the resin especially developed for the 3D printer Liquid Crystal (Daylight resin), you can now clean your 3D printed creations by rinsing them with warm water or simply let them soak in the water.  














Software Creation Workshop

(1 year licence supplied) 


The Creation Workshop software enables the positioning and the configuration of your object before the printing (configuration of the precision, etc.). The software allows you to project your print on the printer screen to solidify the resin, layer by layer. 


1 year of licence is supplied for each purchase of a Liquid Crystal Precision.

The renewal costs ͜͝45.00.€/year.  









Technical specifications 

  Precision: 25 microns (0,025 mm/layer) 

Resolution (XY): 47 microns

Screen: ͝5.5'' , 1440 x 3840
Connectivity: USB cable, HDMI

Printer size: 578 x 376 x 346 mm

Build platform size: 123 x 69 x 160 mm

Speed: 08 to 11 seconds/layer

Compatible materials: Liquid Crystal Precision resin (daylight) – high tensile – firm – castable resin Weight: 12,5 kg (14kg with the box) 



Print technology: DPP (Daylight Polymer Printing)

Build volume: 200 x 150 x 200 mm

Advanced resolution: 25 microns

Resolution XY: 47 microns

Speed: 08 to 11 seconds/layer



Software: Creation Workshop (1 year of licence supplied)

File type: .stl .obj .dxf 









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