Machines-3D Filament Recycled PETG 1,75mm 1kg Black

Machines-3D Filament Recycled PETG 1,75mm 1kg Black
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Recycled PETG filament is a filament made with recycled plastic from food packaging (>98% recycled). It offers exceptional mechanical properties, it is less sensitive to temperature variations. It can therefore be used for all kinds of 3D printing projects: functional prototyping, tooling parts, educational or visual models. Thanks to its resistance to wear and friction and its excellent interlayer bonding, Machines-3D PETG filament provides you with solid and durable parts over time.
This filament is not the only one to be ecological, its packaging is too. For shipping, we vacuum pack the spool with a desiccant pack to protect the filament from moisture.




  • The Recycled PETG filament spool comes without a spool holder. We therefore recommend that you 3D print a suitable spool holder in order to be able to use it correctly. The 3D file is available in the 'documentation' section.
  • For optimal quality, we advise you to print the PETG Machines-3D filament between 230 and 250°C, at a speed of 20 to 100 mm/s, and a heating bed between 70 and 90°C.








Optimal printing temperatures





PLA M3D200 - 230 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PLA Plus M3D200 - 230 °C

30 - 50 °C (not necessary)

ABS M3D250 - 280 °C80 - 130 °C
ABS Plus M3D250 - 280 °C80 - 130 °C
Smart ABS M3D250 - 280 °C80 - 130 °C
TPC Semi-flex M3D210 - 250 °C30 - 60 °C
PETG M3D230 - 250 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
Recycled PETG M3D

230 - 250 °C

70 °C - 90 °C

Nylon M3D230 - 260 °C70 °C
Nylon Carbon fiber M3D240 - 260 °C80 - 130 °C
Nylon Glass fiber M3D240 - 260 °C80 - 130 °C
PLA Wood200 °C30 - 40 °C (not necessary)
PCABS M3D280 - 290 °C100 - 130 °C
PLA Conductive M3D210 - 220 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PVA Hydrosoluble210 - 220 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
ABS Flame retardant240 - 260 °C100 - 110 °C

* This information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heatbed temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.












  • Industrial tools and parts
  • Parts required to be resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, solvents, greases, and oils
  • Mechanical components
  • Working mechanisms
  • Crash tests










Technical specifications


PropertyValueTest method

Tensile strength

55 MPa (8000 psi)


Tensile Modulus

1900 MPa (2.8 x 105 psi)


Elongation at break

400 %


Deflection Temperature

70 °C


Glass Transition Temperature82 °CDSC


1.27 g/cm

ASTM D1505




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Spool Holder (.stl file)

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