» » » Machines-3D PETG filament 1,75mm 2kg Snow white

Machines-3D PETG filament 1,75mm 2kg Snow white

Machines-3D PETG filament 1,75mm 2kg Snow white
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The Machines-3D PETG filament combines glycol with standard PET to eliminate brittleness, thus it has improved durability and tensile strength. PETG is an industrial-grade 3D printing material designed to work in extreme environments. The material complies with the requirements of the European Community regulations for plastics used in food-contact applications. It is resistant to oils and greases, does not degrade over time, and is resistant to UV lights. It features higher mechanical strength and printing precision than any kind of ABS, but prints as easy as PLA. You could it in order to test your prototypes in various industrial conditions. 











Optimal printing temperatures





PLA M3D200 - 215 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PLA Plus M3D190 - 220 °C

30 - 50 °C (not necessary)

ABS M3D235 - 255 °C80 - 110 °C
ABS Plus M3D245 - 265 °C90 - 110 °C
Smart ABS M3D240 - 250 °C90 - 110 °C
TPC Semi-flex M3D210 - 250 °C30 - 60 °C
PET M3D220 - 240 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
Nylon M3D240 - 250 °C70 °C
Nylon Carbon fiber M3D250 - 265 °C60 - 70 °C
Nylon Glass fiber M3D250 - 265 °C60 - 70 °C
PLA Wood200 °C30 - 40 °C (not necessary)
PCABS M3D280 - 290 °C85 °C
PLA Conductive M3D215 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PVA Hydrosoluble210 - 220 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
ABS Flame retardant240 - 260 °C100 - 110 °C

* This information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heatbed temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.












  • Industrial tools and parts
  • Parts required to be resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, solvents, greases and oils
  • Mechanical components
  • Working mechanisms
  • Crash tests











Content of the order


     • 1 Spool of PETG filament Machines-3D 1,75 mm 2 kg Snow white