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Multifunctional filament storage box eSUN eBOX

Multifunctional filament storage box eSUN eBOX
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This completely sealed storage box is a Swiss army knife that allows you to maintain the highest quality printability of your filaments. The eBOX is capable of weighing, heating, drying, and keeping the filaments safe from dust and moisture during the entire 3D printing process.



  Product dimensions
  225 x 104 x 238.5 mm


  Compatible spools

  Max capacity : Φ200 × 73 (H) mm

  Diameters : 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm











eSUN eBOX in video


Using the eSUN eBOX to dry your filaments helps you get an optimal print











The benefits of a controlled storage environment






The eBOX is designed to keep filaments dry and dust-free. The eBOX allows dehumidifying different types of filaments, especially those which are sensitive to humidity (PVA, Nylon, ...). Moisture is the worst enemy of your filaments, that's why eSUN has designed this waterproof dispenser. It allows you to keep your materials dry and free from dust that could damage your equipment and the quality of your prints.


A built-in scale automatically monitors filament consumption and a temperature sensor helps you heat your filaments to the ideal temperature. By setting the weight of the empty spools, you know exactly how many grams of material you have left. You can freely define the drying time and temperature to ensure the stability of your prints. In short, the eBOX is the ideal tool for all your filaments.




Recommended temperatures :


  • PLA / PLA+ : 50 °C / 4H
  • PETG : 60 °C / 3H
  • ABS/ABS+ : 65 °C / 3H
  • PVA : 70 °C / 5H
  • Nylon : 80 °C : 10H
  • PC : 80 °C / 7H


*Indicative temperatures, refer to the recommendations of your material suppliers.












Technical specifications



Multifunction filament storage eBOX

215 x 104 x 238.5 mm
With packaging249 x 138 x 272.5 mm
Weight750 kg
Max. temperature80°C





Content of the order


     • 1 multifunction eBOX eSUN filamenet storage box

     • 1 teflon catheter/snap
     • 1 power adapter