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Focus on SLS 3D Printer

Sinterit Lisa Pro






Sinterit, polish manufacturer of the benchtop 3D SLS printers, has just added to its range the SLS Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer!




Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer





Based in Krakow, Poland, Sinterit is one of the leaders that has made SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology fully accessible in virtue of an innovative desktop machine, available for less than 10,000€. Until January 2014, after 20 years of protection by the company 3DSystems, the patent related to SLS technology finally fell into the public domain, that's when the Startup Sinterit was born. The young polish manufacturer has developed the Lisa Sinterit 3D printer, repeatedly rewarded for its ability to make the SLS more accessible than ever!


Like other 3D printing technologies (FDM, SLA, DLP, DPP), SLS technology materializes, layer by layer, an object from a digital 3D file. Although more expensive than these other technologies, it has many advantages: greater accuracy, 3D printing without any support and a wide range of materials (metals, polymers, composites) in order to produce complete mechanical parts without post-treatment, small series or prototypes.





3D models printed by Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer






How does SLS technology work?



Selective laser sintering (SLS) is a 3D printing technology which uses a powerful infrared laser to sinter and agglomerate particles of polymer powder. A thin layer of powder is spread on the printing plate (so-called “bed”) while the laser selectively solidifies it according to the layers sliced from a 3D model file. Once one layer is finished, the printing plate descends slightly, and a roller spreads a new layer of powder uniformly over the previous one. The laser then repeats its layer-to-layer sintering process until the model is completely finished. A distinct feature here is that the unsintered powder acts as a support for the model, making it possible to obtain 3D prints without any support, cleaner and more functional.


FDM (fused deposition modeling) technology had also seen its patents fall into the hands of the public market. Following this and because of the obvious needs for some sectors in the market, many 3D FDM printers have appeared, being more and more easy to take in hand and less and less expensive. Thus, we can easily imagine a reproduction of this phenomenon with benchtop SLS technology, with the arrival of major manufacturers such as Formlabs with its Fuse 1 3D printer.






Sinterit Lisa Pro on the paper


The Lisa Pro is able to 3D print larger 3D models (whose volume depends on the powder used) with a maximum precision of 50 microns on the XY axes and 75 microns on the Z axis. By using materials like polyamide, for example, it is possible to print models of 90 x 130 x 230 mm while by using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and TPE, it is possible to mount up to 110 x 150 x 250 mm. All powders could be altered for specific applications so that everyone is able to achieve desired mechanical properties of the model. Latest on this 3D printer, the Lisa Pro is equipped with a nitrogen intake that can accommodate nitrogen, allowing to use some powders that are oxidation-sensitive and require the presence of neutral gas atmosphere (PA11).










Video presentation of Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D Printer








Materials compatible with Sinterit Lisa Pro



Material used on Sinterit Lisa Pro




Compared to FDM technology, which uses spools of plastic filament for printing, the Sinterit Lisa Pro uses powder contained in a 2kg bottle. Sinterit provides us 7 powders with unique mechanical properties; PA12 smooth, PA11 Onyx, Flexa Black, Flexa Gray, Flexa Soft, Flexa Bright and TPE powders. It is open to other materials, making it ideal for research and development projects.


With Sinterit Lisa Pro, the precision is such that we no longer perceive layers with the naked eye. We let you discover some examples of 3D printing by yourself!













A plug & play SLS 3D printer



Pack complet Sinterit Lisa Pro





The Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer has been designed to make the SLS printing experience as easy as possible. Through its complete pack, it includes all the elements needed to 3D print and post-process (Lisa Pro 3D Sinterit printer, 1 powder sieve, 1 sandblaster, 1 selection of powders, TPE sealer, 1 suitcase transport), enough to start to discover this technology in all serenity with all the necessary equipment. In addition, it comes with Sinterit Studio 2019, a simple and intuitive print preview software for configuring 3D printing in just a few clicks. During the preparation of the model on the software, we are guided through 5 steps (Preset, Models, Slice, Preview and Printers) which allow us to quickly and intuitively prepare the models and configure them. The software is available in 4 versions, ranging from the free version to the advanced version (paying option), making it possible to print new powders such as TPE, or the opening to external materials.






Compatibility of powders with software versions

MaterialsSinterit studio

Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio


PA12 SmoothOOOO
PA11 Onyx *OOOO
Flexa GreyOOOO
Flexa BlackOOOO
Flexa SoftNNOO
Flexa BrightNNOO
Open parametersNONO

                                                              * PA11 powder requires nitrogen supply





Sinterit Studio 2019 3D Print Software




In this complete pack, we find the powder sieve, a machine capable of recovering used powder in order to repackage it and make it reusable. To do this, simply pour the powder already used inside the sieve and press the start button. The powder will come out ready to be mixed with fresh powder so that it can be printed again. Note that only PA11 and PA12 require the addition of a "Fresh powder" for recycling. 





Video presentation of the powder sieve Sinterit




Finally, Sinterit offers a totally closed and protected sandblaster, designed for cleaning, polishing, and finishing of the prints by means of a powerful and precise projection of sand. It removes even the most complicated parts of the surplus around your 3D prints. Once the 3D printed model has been completely cleaned and freed from the rest of the powder, it is possible to apply a sealing varnish to protect the model.









The Sinterit Lisa Pro is a benchtop 3D printer that can make SLS technology usable in any business. Whether for a small business, an association or even a fablab, you now have all the keys in hand to get started in SLS technology. Compared to its technology, the Sinterit Lisa Pro (printer only) is available only for 11,990.00€, but we recommend it in its complete package, available at a price of 19,540.00€. If you have any questions regarding this 3D printer, the Machines-3D team is at your disposal or






> More about the complete pack Sinterit Lisa Pro





Mickaël, Machines-3D



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