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Discover the many scanning possiblities with the Einscan-Pro 3D scanner, scan sculptures , mechanical parts, dentures , figurines, old stones... Einscan-Pro 3D scanner is the product of manufacturer Shinning 3D.
We will regularly update this article to share the full extent of its capabilities!







Impressionnant cette qualité ? Ce scan a été réalisé par Joseph Canova à l'aide d'un système de rotation manuel qui lui permet d'avoir une qualité très rapprochante de la réalité.


Scan 3D haute qualité

Réalisé Par Joseph Canova

Mode de scan : libre sur support

Qualité du scan : Med définition

Durée du scan : variable


L'originalité du concept tient dans le support du scanner DIY ainsi que le support tournant pour les objets. Ce qui permet de réaliser un scan de dessous, de dessus et de face. L’objet étant supporté par une tige fine ou autre support. En simplifiant, cela correspond à 3 fois 8 scans environ.















    3D Scan of a dental prosthesis
Dirested by Shinning 3D
    Scan Mode: Automated with industrial pack
     Duration of scan: 10 minutes


We regularly have requests for dental prostheses scans for dental technicians . 

A sample scan obtained after 3 rounds of automatic scan fixed in 3 different positions . (Einscan-Pro 3D Scanner connects the different scans automatically).






















    3D Scan of an ancient tablet with inscriptions
Directed by Shinning 3D
    Scan Mode : HD Free Scan
Duration of scan: 25 minutes

     The 3D scan is commonly used for archiving archaeological pieces . We had the opportunity to scan fossils, tablets dating from 1700 BC , rarity stones which unfortunately we do not have the right to communicate visually .
    The speed of  Einscan-Pro 3D scanner is a real asset to the archivists, who would be able to scan thousands of pieces every year.







3D Scan of Carpet, directed by Machines-3D 

Scan Mode: Automated with industrial pack

     Duration of scan: 10 minutes


3D Scan of Wall Stone, directed by Machines-3D 

Scan Mode: Automated with industrial pack

     Duration of scan: 10 minutes













    Scan 3D of artistic sculpture "gruppo del Laocoonte "
Directed by Shinning 3D
    Scan Mode : Free Scan
     Duration of scan: 15 minutes


    Art is also one of the main industry currently using 3D scans.

     As for pure art of archiving, we also had the opportunity to scan a CARPEAUX sculpture during an event.

     The Einscan –Pro 3D Scanner is portable hence there is no need to move the museum's works for the scanner.










"Godess Statue" Scan, directed by Shinning 3D

    Scan Mode : Free Scan
     Duration of scan: 30 minutes











    3D Scan of a StormTrooper
Directed by Shinning 3D
    Scan Mode: Automated with industrial pack

     Duration of scan: 10 minutes

    The Einscan -Pro is probably the best 3D scanner with high precision that even small figurines do not pose as a challenge to it.













Scan of a Warcraft figurine’s shoulder, Directed by Machines-3D

Scan Mode: Automated with industrial pack

     Duration of scan: 10 minutes










If you have tested the EinScan-Pro, we 'd love to hear from you and see your scans so we can share them!





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