» » » PEEK-CF10 Intamsys filament 1.75 mm 500g

PEEK-CF10 Intamsys filament 1.75 mm 500g

PEEK-CF10 Intamsys filament 1.75 mm 500g
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Intamsys PEEK-CF10 filament is a high-performance thermoplastic, PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) reinforced with 10% carbon fiber. It offers high rigidity and thermal resistance.



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PEEK Filament Printing Tips



  • This experimental filament requires complex 3D printing conditions, in particular with an extruder capable of heating up to 400 °C and a thermo-regulated printing chamber.

  • It is sensitive to humidity. After opening the package, it is to be stored in a dry and dark environment. For optimal use of the filament and a good surface finish, we recommend using the drying system at 150 °C for 5 hours.

  • Remember to prepare your tray by putting the Kapton sheet or the PVP collar in order to avoid a possible adhesion of the filament.

  • Once your print is complete, remember to clean your nozzle to remove any blockages or defects for the next 3D printing.










Examples of 3D printed models

with Intamsys PEKK filament











Technical specifications



PropertiesMetricTest method

Tensile Strength

75.5 MPa / 87.4 MPa

(before and after annealing)

ISO 527

Melting point

343 °C

ISO 11357

Glass transition Temperature

143 °C

ISO 11357


1.34 g/cm3

 ISO 1183










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     • 1 Spool of Intamsys filament PEEK-CF10 500 g