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Raise3D Filament PC Premium 1,75mm 1kg (3 colorqs)
59.88€ Incl Tax
Product available

Durable material
Heat resistance
1.75 mm / 1 kg

Machines-3D Filament PCABS 700g Natural
34.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
For mechanical parts and tools
Light + Strong + gloss aspect
Lattice Services Filament PC 1,75/2,85mm 500g Clear with blue reflections
59.88€ Incl Tax
Product available
Medical grade PC
High mechanical strength
High thermal resistance
Bambu Lab PC filament 1Kg (4 colors)
43.14€ Incl Tax
Not available
Dry before use
AMS compatible
1.75 mm / 1kg

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Polycarbonate 3D filament is a robust and reliable thermoplastic material used in 3D printing to create high strength parts that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Excellent mechanical properties such as high impact resistance, toughness and dimensional stability make it a popular choice in the manufacturing industry.


Polycarbonate 3D filament is an ideal material for the manufacture of complex functional parts requiring superior strength, such as: B. Gears, housings and structural parts. It is also suitable for outdoor use due to its excellent chemical and UV resistance.


However, printing with polycarbonate filament can be difficult as it requires high temperatures and heated print beds to prevent warping and cracking. It is also known to be prone to slippage and smearing, so great care must be taken in the printing process.


Overall, polycarbonate 3D filament is a high performance material with excellent mechanical and thermal properties, making it a popular choice for industrial applications where strength and durability are essential.

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