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Why is 3D printing going to upset the dental universe ?


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3D printing, as a general rule in the dental universe, is a revolution. Today, it allows orthodontists to make an indispensable accessory: the gutter. This was done until now by a dental prosthesist who modified the mold made by the orthodontist and then created a customized gutter. So how did this gutter work with 3D scanning and printing?
The orthodontist will scan the inside of his patient's mouth using an intra-oral scan. It will retrieve this scan and then be able to make changes directly on the software (exocad for example). Next comes the step where the modified dental arch will be printed in 3D on which a plastic will be thermoformed using a thermoformer. This will then become a gutter that the patient can wear in order to replace his teeth gradually.
Jessica, Machines-3D.
The thermoformer and thermoformed gutter on a model
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