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(Promo) NextDent Resin Temporary C&B A3,5

(Promo) NextDent Resin Temporary C&B A3,5
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NextDent Temporary C&B A3,5 resin is a biocompatible Class IIa material specially developed for crowns and bridges. The material properties in combination with its abrasion resistance make NextDent C&B suitable for this application. NextDent C&B can be cemented with cement.


To consume preferably before the month of February 2020.

The resin can be used longer than the optimal date, depending on the recommended conditions of handling, use, and storage. Keep the materials tightly closed in a dry, cool and dark (out of sunlight) place.



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We recommend you to shake and mix the resin well before using.

See also: Dlab resin mixer










Technical specifications





PropertyRequirementResultISO standard
Flexural strength≥ 50 MPa107ISO 10477
Sorption≤ 60 pg / mm354ISO 10477
Solubility≤ 12,5 pg / mm35,9ISO 10477
BiocompatibilityNon-cytotoxicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNon-mutagenicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot induce any erythema or edema reactionsComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot a sensitizerComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot cause systemic toxicityComplyISO 10993-1



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