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Raise3D E2 3D Printer

Raise3D E2 3D Printer
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The Raise3D E2 is an easy-to-use professional desktop FDM 3D printer. It is capable of printing in dual extrusion with 2 independent heads on a large printing volume of 330 x 240 x 240 mm and with excellent precision. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of materials such as ABS, PLA, TPU, NYLON and CARBON FIBER filaments. Reliable and versatile, this 3D printer is capable of 3D printing your small series of parts and prototypes with great finesse. The Raise3D E2 is equipped with a completely closed and filtered enclosure, which makes it a perfect 3D printer for the education sector (schools, colleges, high schools, universities, laboratories, fablabs, etc.). With its intuitive software and numerous essential features, it is optimized to deliver the best possible 3D printing experience.



  Maximal accuracy
  20 microns


  Dimensions of buildplate
  330 x 240 x 240 mm


   Printing Speed
   30 - 150 mm/s


  Compatible materials

  PP / Fiberglass / Carbon fiber / Bronze / Wood






Discover the Raise3D E2 on video!



Video of Raise3D E2 3D printer dual extrusion in operation




Auto Bed Leveling of the Raise3D E2 3D printer










Independent dual extrusion

The Raise3D E2 is equipped with two independent print heads, allowing you to print mechanical and complex parts and improve your productivity. It offers you the following modes: 1) the mirror mode allows you to print a 3D model and its symmetrical copy at the same time in order to reduce the printing time. 2) With the duplication mode, you can use the two extruders in synchronized printing, doubling production capacity.












Complete Protection


Safety features of Raise3D E2 protect your print from external conditions and air currents that can affect your precious 3D prints. In addition, it gives it a more secure appearance, suitable for schools, individuals, and professionals!


Opening a door is detected automatically, immediately pausing the print and keeping users safe.














Flexible build plate



Easily remove prints from the flexible plate while minimizing potential print damage to the 3D model. Its silicone surface reduces the possibility that your plastic will warp during 3D printing due to temperature variations.
















A more intuitive and simple 3D printing experience





Video-Assisted Offset Calibration System



The calibration system guides users through a simple video process to verify that the E2 is geometrically aligned. After completing the offset calibration guide, the Raise3D E2 can be used without worries, with properly aligned extruders.









Save and resume printing


Recovering from power loss allows users to print worry-free. The system automatically stores print progress before a power failure and resumes from the most recent job after power is restored.










Filament run-out sensors




Dependable and accurate optical run-out sensors automatically pause the print when the printer is out of filament.

When filament runs out, a red light flashes and the print is paused. Then, users simply add filament and press resume.
All types of filaments can be detected, regardless of color, material, or hardness.











Intuitive software: IdeaMaker





Prepare 3D files for 3D printing with ideaMaker, Raise3D's dedicated slicing software. Its user-friendly interface makes it possible to prepare .STL, .OBJ and .3MF files in 4 clicks and its powerful parameters offer unlimited customization to advanced users. Designed specifically for Raise3D printers, slicing with ideaMaker is fast, efficient, and completely free.





Video of IdeaMaker software for Raise3D 3D printers










Technical specifications



Physical dimensions Raise3D E2

Dimensions of 3D Printer

607 x 596 x 465 mm
Package weight45 kg
Dimensions of printing area (simple)
Dimensions of printing area (dual)
330 x 240 x 240 mm 
295 x 240 x 240 mm
Maximal accuracy20 microns
Printing speed30 - 150 mm/s
Diameter of filament1.75 mm
Diamer of nozzle0.4 mm (by default), 0.2 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm (available)
Compatible materials


ASA / PP / Fiberglass / Carbon fiber / Bronze / Wood

Printing controlTouch screen, 7" 1024 x 600
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet

Movement: Atmel ARM Cortex-M4 120MHz FPU 

Logic: NXP ARM Cortex-A9 Quad 1 GHz 

Supported filesstl, obj, 3mf
CompatibleWindows / Mac OS / Linux
Code formatGCODE
Heating system

Temp. max. of the extruder

300 °C

Temp. max. of plate

110 °C

Ambient temperature

15 - 30 °C

Storage temperature

-25 °C à +55 °C
AC input

100-240V AC, 50/60Hz 230V @3.3A

Consumption600 W





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     • 1 Raise3D E2 3D Printer
     • 2 filaments
     • 1 USB key

     • Maintenance accessories kit

     • Software ideaMaker
     • 1 year warranty

     • Machines-3D Hotline Support

     • Machines-3D premium customer service