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Resin washer 99L Photocentric

Resin washer 99L Photocentric
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Photocentric Ultrasonic Resin Wash is an industrial solution for washing your printed parts of any size. Use in collaboration with Photocentric Cleaner to achieve a perfect finish. It is made from high quality SUS stainless steel plates. Offering a temperature heating element and powerful ultrasonic power output, your models are effortlessly cleaned in less than 5 minutes. It is able to clean parts regardless of the complexity of the geometry. No residue, no mess - Designed to work flawlessly with Photocentric Cleaner to optimally remove resin residue with printed results from your parts.

This cleaner is designed to work with all daylight, DLP, SLA and UV LCD resins. it is suitable for cleaning not only printed parts, but also printing platforms, flexible plates and more!



Compatible avec

  • All 3D resins 










Ultrasonic resin wash













Technical speficiations



External dimension 28 x 34 x 33 cm

Internal dimension

12 x 27,5 x 30 cm

Maximum Part Size

30 x 27,5 x 12 cm

Suggested operating Environment

18 - 28 °C

Agitation Method

30 x 40kHz transducers










Contents of the order


     • 1 resin wash 99L

      • Lid
      • Tank
      • Basket
      • Power cable
      • Instruction manual
      • Outflow valve
      • Outflow pipe
      • Clip
      • Drainage cap


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