» » » Second hand 3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX PRO S

Second hand 3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX PRO S

Second hand 3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX PRO S
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The 3D Dental Scanner DS-EX PRO S is able to 3D scan your fingerprints and patterns in just seconds. Its compact design makes it pleasant to use simply placing on a desk of your dental laboratory. This 3D scanner will allow you to convert 3D files in STL and OBJ format, compatible with your CAD CAM software such as EXOCAD. Its capture system in blue structured light will allow you to get your 3D model in color, and so to check the study on the model beforehand. This new version of the DS-EX PRO is faster and comes with a new dynamic scan mode to capture more occlusions.



  Maximum accuracy
   1 300 000 pixels
  < 10 microns


   Scan speed
  Bite scan: 8s
  Upper/lower jaw scan: 12s
             1-4 dies scan: 12s
             Impression scan : 58s






DS-EX Pro in video




Dynamic articulator scan



The DS-EX Pro S 3D scanner is equipped with two different scanning modes with the articulator. In addition to the existing static scan mode, a new dynamic scan mode is added, which can capture more of full jaw model to improve further occlusion precision. It is always easy to operatre, resulting in higher efficiency.







Series production

Very reliable, intuitive and fast, the DS-EX Pro S 3D scanner will allow you to work in just-in-time thanks to its automatic scan mode. It is compatible with all of the articulators available on the market and clearly captures your pencil marks on dental models, allowing you to use these reference points for future CAD work! Thanks to its improved scanning speed, the DS-EX Pro S can scan a machine in just 12 seconds.

Free of charge for updating the software








The files are exported in STL, OBJ et PLY format, compatible with most of open software and machines available on the market. You will be able to send your files and use them freely with CAD/CAM softwares on the market (EXOCAD, etc...), 3D dental printers (MoonRay, Zortrax Inkspire, Liquid Crystal) or even with dental milling machine.




Scanner specially design for the dentistry





Compact and small (24 x 28 x 40 cm), the DS-EX Pro S can be easily installed on a desk or work surface in your dental laboratory and will fit perfectly into your workspace such as dental laboratory, clinic, mutuality, dental school, training center, etc.. Its innovative structure allows it to integrate future upgrades and repair it easily if needed. Finally, the model holder is simple to handle and allows you to install and remove your models/dental impressions in seconds.











Technical specifications




Name of 3D scanner

Physical dimensions260 mm x 270 mm x 420 mm
Weight5 kg
TechnologyBlue light
Camera resolution

1 300 000 pixels, < 10 microns

Scan timeBite scan: 8s
Upper/lower jaw scan: 12s
1-4 dies: 12s
Impression scan: 58s

Crown and Bridge
Management of the implant
Removable partial denture
Virtual Model
Complete prostheses
Orthodontic archiving
Rapid prototyping

Recommended Configuration PC 
Processori7 (i5 minimum)
RAM8Gb (4GB minimum)
Graphic card2 GB NVIDIA GTX
Export.stl  .obj  .asc  .ply
ConnectivityUSB 3.0









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     • 1 3D scanner Autoscan DS-EX Pro S (second hand)

     • Machines-3D Hotline assistance

     • 6 months warranty