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Second hand Zortrax Inkspire UV LCD

Second hand Zortrax Inkspire UV LCD
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Renowned primarily for its FDM 3D printers, Zortrax ventures into the realm of resin with the launch of its new machine: the Zortrax Inkspire 3D printer.
The technology behind Zortrax Inkspire relies on a high-resolution LCD screen with UV LED backlighting 
to cure photopolymers layer by layer in order to propose a constant speed, fast and a remarkable precision whatever the workspace employed.

It accepts non-proprietary resins, and post-treatment is provided by an ultrasonic cleaner. The Z-SUITE software calculates the amount of resin needed to print each layer of a part and set the machine automatically on pause when a refill is considered. There are so many applications: dentistry, jewelry or models and figurines!



  pixel: 50 microns     Z: 25 - 50- 100 microns


  Dimension of buildplate
  74 x 132 x 175 mm


  1L / 10h   20-36 mm/h


  Compatible materials
  Zortrax UV Resin and other UV resins




We recommend a high-performance post-curing UV chamber for your resin printed parts.
See also: The Curebox Plus









Inkspire in video


Presentation of Zortrax Inkspire

Unboxing Zortrax Inkspire


Timelapse Zortrax Inkspire









Discover UV LCD technology


SLA and DLP are two traditional resin 3D printing technologies using different processes to cure the resin. With SLA, the resin is cured with a laser, the accuracy is constant, but the print speed is proportional to the amount of workspace occupied by the models. With DLP technology, the speed of operation depends only on the z-axis (object height) because the resin is cured the whole layer by the whole layer using a screen or a video projector. In return, accuracy decreases as the amount of workspace used increases. The Zortrax UV LCD provides consistent high speed and accuracy, regardless of the amount of workspace used.









Production in series !



The Zortrax Inkspire 3D Printer maintains consistent, high speed and accuracy regardless of the amount of workspace used. With a printer producing 50 to 80 parts in 1.5 hours, 30 printers working together can offer an approximate monthly production of 360,000 to 500,000 pieces. That's why Zortrax Inkspire can function as a basic production unit in easily scalable 3D printing farms that can produce short series, managing from the Z-SUITE software.












Compatible resins


The Zortrax brand basic resin is a photopolymer specifically designed for the Zortrax Inkspire 3D printer. It ensures both impeccable precision of detail and great mechanical properties. External resins compatible with the 3D printer Zortrax Inkspire include photopolymeric specially designed for applications in dental prostheses or jewelry design.










Areas of application of Zortrax Inkspire


3D resin printing is a perfect technology for professionals working in areas where tiny but incredibly detailed models are needed. The precision and speed of the Zortrax Inkspire make it an indispensable tool for dentists, jewelers and watch designers, among others.






Various manufactures


Zortrax Inkspire 3D printers offer scalable and flexible manufacturing capabilities for businesses that require small, accurate components. It is an ideal tool for engineers working in research and development departments and production lines in various sectors, from automotive to aerospace.







Art and entertainment

Small but beautifully designed models made on resin 3D printers are useful for artists and the entertainment industry. Detailed figurines can be made for board games. Small, complex gifts made in limited editions are perfect for marketing and PR departments.








Dental prosthesis


3D resin printers are especially useful for making dental molds faster and more efficient. Compared to traditional dental modeling techniques, Zortrax Inkspire allows less invasive procedures requiring little or no patient involvement. Printed 3D models of oral cavities of patients are used to form molds, dentures and dental bridges.





Jewelry design

Modeling rings, necklaces and other intricate jewelry requires immense precision that a good 3D resin printer can offer. Printed in 3D models are used in the molding process.









Surgical precision



From art to engineering, the Zortrax Inkspire is perfect for any application where superior precision makes the difference. With a pixel size of 50 x 50 microns and a minimum layer height of 25 microns, it is possible to print models in 3D without visible overlay or vertical lines. The human eye can not see individual pixels when the image has more than 336 pixels per inch. The pixel density of the models printed in 3D on Zortrax Inkspire exceeds this value, whatever the angle of view.










Attention to details

The Zortrax Inkspire 3D Printer is designed to print very detailed models in 3D. It builds models from tiny cuboids, measuring 50 x 50 x 25 microns. Due to these microscopic dimensions, Zortrax Inkspire can be up to 9 times more accurate than the main 3D SLA printers, especially for printing rectangular shapes. Check Inkspire’s accuracy against the leading 3D SLA printer below.










Z-Suite for Zortrax Inkspire






The Zortrax Inkspire works with the Z-Suite print preview software. It will allow you to configure your stl files simply and launch your printing in a few clicks thanks to the use of the options proposed by default. You'll be able to go even further through a range of advanced options, including pause programming, intelligent media management, and remote management of your machine.


Available on Mac and PC








Inkspire accessory




Ultrasonic cleaner Zortrax



Zortrax Ultrasonic Cleaner is a device that automatically cleans models using high-frequency sound waves propagated in isopropyl alcohol. Simply fill the container with isopropyl alcohol, set the model and turn on the device. The cleaning process usually takes up to 10 minutes.


















Technical specifications




Physical dimensions Zortrax Inkspire


210 x 210 x 420 mm
package dimensions315 x 312 x 530 mm
Poids9.2 kg
Shipping weight10.5 kg
TechnologyUV LCD
Build volume74 x 132 x 175 mm
Pixel size 

50 microns

Layer thickness25, 50, 100 microns
Print speed20 - 36 mm/h
Light sourceUV integrated light (wavelength 405 nm)
Software bundleZ-suite
Supported file typesstl, .obj, .dxf, 3mf, zcodex
Supported operating systemMac OS X, Windows 7 et +C
ConnectivityWI-FI, ethernet, USB
Ambient operation temperature20 - 30 °C
Storage temperature0 - 35 °C
AC Input

240 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz]

110 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz]

Consumption50 W




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