Second-hand Aoralscan Dental Intra oral 3D scanner

Aoralscan Dental intra oral 3D scanner
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Manufactured by Shining 3D, the Aoralscan Intraoral 3D Scanner allows dentists and orthodontists to 3D scan with extreme precision and in just seconds inside the mouth of their patients. The advantages of this technology are numerous: patients and practitioner gain more comfort, no need to use and store alginate, also it's not necessary to apply matte powder to use this 3D scanner. Finally, the transfer the digitized print to the dental technician is simply done by email.


  Maximal precision
  40 microns



   ​Scan speed
  15 images / second









3D scan without mattifying powder






With the Aoralscan 3D scanner, you do not need to add matte powder to the mouth. In just a few seconds, it scans in real time the mouth of your patient to ensure an improved and simplified clinical experience! In addition, thanks to its motion detecting function, this 3D scanner can be easily handled by the practitioner, no need for other operators to operate it.








Smart scan software




Intelligent data optimization




Using the IA, the software can automatically identify and delete miscellaneous data such as the buccal/lingual side to realize automated data optimization.








Automatic Scan Retracing 



When some part of the scan is missing during scanning, this retracing function allows users to jump back to missing area for rescan, aligning the data smoothly.












Clinical Toolkit







The clinical toolkit can help users to evaluate the scanned data at dental clinics. This includes functions as "adjust coordinate", "extract margin line", "check bite", "mark teeth", "check undercut", etc. This clinical toolkit facilitates effective communication between clinics and dental labs while saving time, ensuring high efficiency and quality for design and restoration projects.







Technical specifications



Scan speed


15 fps

10°C - 40°C

(Accuracy can be influenced by too high or too low temperature)

Output dataSTL, OBJ
Recommanded PC Configuration
Processori7-7700 or higher
RAM16 GB or more
Graphic card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GB DDR or higher

Operating systemWindows 10 64 bit
InterfaceUSB 3.0
PowerDC12V 1.67A




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