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Second-hand Sinterit Lisa Pro SLS 3D Printer Pack #1

Sinterit Lisa 2 Pro 3D Printer
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The Sinterit Lisa Pro gives a full range of possibilities of professional SLS printing at the office. This desktop 3D printer uses laser sintering technology to produce your 3D prints. Within its chambers, a powdered material such as Polyamide 11 & 12 or TPE is heated up and turned into a solid mass with by a concentrated laser beam. Layers of polymer powder are placed onto the printer's work platform, where they are selectively sintered, giving perfect industrial-quality prints without any support to remove. This 3D SLS printer is perfect for functional testing, rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing and high-heat and chemical resistant applications. Machines-3D offers you a complete package, gathering all the necessary elements to facilitate your 3D printing experience.


Printing PA11 material requires a nitrogen supplier ( the tanks or Nitrogen generator)



  Maximum accuracy
  50 microns - XY
  75-200 microns - Z


  Dimensions of print platform

  Flexa/TPE (LT materials) : 110 x 160 x 245 mm
  PA (HT materials) : 110 x 160 x 230 mm


  Material compatibility
  Polyamide 11 & 12, Flexa (flexible), TPE, other powders






Discover the Sinterit Lisa Pro on video!



Video Overview of the Lisa Pro Sinterit 3D Printer








Examples of Sinterit Lisa 3D Prints



The precision of the Lisa Sinterit is such that

we no longer see the layers with the naked eye!

Their main feature lies in the fact that this 3D printer

never requires support to be printed.










SLS 3D printing technology
(laser sintering)


Thanks to selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, 3D printing is performed layer by layer from powder fused by a CO2 laser. This allows 3D printing of functional objects without using an intermediate binder and thus printing without support. The SLS also can print on overlapping parts to optimize the maximum printing plate. This technology is very expensive on the market (on average 50 000 € the machine), that's the reason why the Sinterit brings a much more affordable solution, for equivalent quality!​













Fields of application


The 3D objects printed on Sinterit Lisa Pro are above all prototypes

allowing to validate shapes, dimensions or simply a concept.

The Sinterit Lisa Pro could surely be applied in many areas such as :
Robotics, education, medicine, architecture, design and automobile fields.










Powder sieve (Included)


The powder sieve will allow you to recover the used powder in order to recondition it and make it reusable. To do this, simply pour the used powder  inside the siever and press its boot button. The powder will emerge as a priest to be mixed with fresh powder in order to be able to print other objects!




















Sandblaster (Included)



Inside a closed and protected enclosure, this sandblasting machine is designed for cleaning, polishing and finishing 3D printing through a powerful and precise sand projection. It allows you to remove, even in the most complicated parts, the excess powder around your 3D prints.








How to refresh the powder











Software Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio is the pre-print preview software for the SLS Sinterit 3D printer. Sitnerit STUDIO as a desktop application allows to prepare 3D models and track the print status of the printer during the printing process. It allows you to configure your printing in just a few clicks, through an intuitive menu in which you are guided throughout the process. In its advanced version, the software allows you to configure any powder profile of the Sinterit brand as well as those of other brands.








Technical specifications



Physical Dimensions Sinterit Lisa Pro


690 x 500 x 880 mm
Weight90 kg
Platform dimensionFlexa/TPE (LT materials) : 110 x 160 x 245 mm
PA (HT materials) : 110 x 160 x 230 mm
XY accuracy0.05 mm (50 microns)
The layer height Z (min - max)

0.075 mm - 0.200 mm

Material compatibilityPolyamide 12, Polyamide 11, Flexa, TPE, others
VersionSinterit Studio
Supported file typesstl, obj, 3ds, fbx, dae, 3mf
OS compatibilityWindows
Heating system
Max. temperature in the chamber200° C
Power supply

220-240 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz], 7 [A]

100-130 [V] AC, 50/60 [Hz], 15 [A]

Average consumption1000 W
Maximum consumption1800 W



Content of order


     • 1 Second-hand Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer

     • 1 Second-hand Sandblaster XL

     • 1 Second-hand ATEX vacuum cleaner

     • 2 PA11 x 6 kg *

     • 2 Flexa Bright x 2 kg * 

     • 2 Flexa Soft x 2 kg *

     • 2 TPE x 2 kg *

     • 2 TPE Sealer 1L

     • 1 Set of accessories
     • 6 months warranty

     • Assistance Hotline Machines-3D


* Best before date passed